This Linux package is built around Java, Tomcat, PostgreSQL and RRD Tool and was designed explicitly to manage large enterprise networks and to compete against HP OpenView and Tivoli. Bulk addition of IP hosts is very easy and the software will instantly monitor basic services and even show ICMP response time graphs. Many advanced features seem to be added in a crude way, however. The Web GUI itself is not entirely bad but would urgently need a complete structural redesign. With the capability of managing thousands of devices one would expect some sort of view categorized by location or groups, but not a linear list view scrolling down endlessly.

  • Locations can be added by pressing the list icon and the plus icon which allows the user to type in the city’s name, ZIP Code or postal code or airport code.
  • I imagine a lot of people install The Weather Channel app based on the TV channel.
  • Weather Underground is a fine application, but I prefer it as a data source over the actual app.
  • Locations can be removed by tapping the list icon and swiping left on the location that the user wants to delete.

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This software solution is a complete traffic analytics tool that offers you real-time visibility into your network’s bandwidth performance. NetFlow analyzer provides system administrators with detailed reports of bandwidth usage, as well as conduct network forensics and analysis. You can use network management software to monitor and manage your network tools, applications, and resources smartly. So how do you select the best network management software for your specific needs? We help you in your quest by detailing the main features and benefits you should look for.

It also allows you to easily drill down to the root cause of the network issue and fix it quickly. Today, networks span globally, having multiple links established between geographically separated data centers, public and private clouds. Network admins need to be more proactive and agile in monitoring network performance. This is the oldest Open Source Network Management project around.

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With over 50 pre-configured and customizable alerts, you¿ll be the first to know about anything unusual happening on the network, including where it¿s happening and which devices are affected. And with Auvik TrafficInsights, you¿ll get deep visibility into network traffic to see epsxe 2.0.5 who¿s on the network, which apps they¿re using, and where their traffic is going. Most IT shops use multiple network monitoring tools to monitor and manage network operations. However, in case of any fault, they have to sift through multiple tools, GUI, graphs, and reports to get to the bottom of the issue. ManageEngine OpManager, the integrated network management software, provides real-time network monitoring and offers detailed insights into various problematic areas of the network.

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An enterprise-grade, open-source network monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes. Zabbix comes with robust tools for managing servers, network devices, CPUs, etc. It also comes with powerful modules and a GUI that gives you a complete view of the entire IT environment using graphs, widget-based dashboards, granular reports, etc. Domotz is the premier Remote Monitoring and Management platform for Networks and Connected Devices. We offer powerful network management software for MSP’s, IT managers, Integrators, Security Professionals. The SolarWinds N-central remote monitoring and management platform is designed to help managed service providers handle complex networks with ease. Auvik¿s cloud-based network monitoring and management software gives you instant insight into the networks you manage.

While this tends to be a non-issue in agent-based systems, for agentless systems, it needs to be as painless as possible as it’s a big part of the overall installation process. The best systems will default to the most commonly used options but make advanced features available for those users that need them. SolarWinds RMM.This network management software utilizes patch management to enhance the security of online business environment. Deploying technicians is also made easier and faster by its dedicated mobile application that helps users track their technicians via GPS technology.